Saturday, March 26, 2011

True Norwegian Black Metal

I want my babyback babyback

We have a brand new mixtape for you all. It's a special "Metalstep" mix, Basically metal + dubstep. It's a lot harder than your usual dubstep so be prepared. Enjoy & comment if you want a download link :D

Asian Girls Luv It! The Metalstep Mixtape! by AsianGirlsLuvIt

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



These photos were all taken with our Mini Diana. I'm sad to say that we no longer have this camera but we made good use of it while we did. We have photos from out first gigs, Coachella & other random moments all double, triple & even quadruply exposed. Pay close attention to a lot of these photos, they're are small & almost hidden images in most of them. Don't forget to comment! :D

Triple Exposure
Coachella 2010


Coachella 2010

Cheese Please
Joellen in heaven aka The cheese aisle

Xmas 2010

Why did they put this machine outside a liquour store?
Vending machine we saw at a liqour store haha

He Destroys Rails
Driving x Hello Kitty x Skating

Swing Swing
The kids old swing set

Coachella 2010


Car Trouble
Nu Rave w/ Aaron and "The Egil" haha

Touched by an Angel
Aaron aka LA Vice

Alfie x AGLI x Hudson

Pink Splash

Gost Brand

Cold Shoulda
Cold shoulder

Hoechella 2010


Saints & sinners

Coming home

Almost Two
My lil 3 eyed baby

Ghost Love stories
Gost stories

Pen Island
-Chris G

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fisheye Ebony & Ivory

3-7-2011 4;10;46 PM

Here are a few black & white photos from our fisheye camera. I completely forgot about these because it literally took Joellen a year to get these photos haha!

3-7-2011 4;35;16 PM
Joellen before Matinee

3-7-2011 4;09;08 PM
Cmrn & The SAiNT

3-7-2011 4;30;14 PM

3-7-2011 4;26;12 PM
Raven & Joellen

3-7-2011 4;24;30 PM
My feet, Raven & Camrn at Corona Del Mar

Sunday, March 6, 2011


AGLI blood

Here are some old photos we shot with our fisheye camera. They're pretty random & we're drunk in a lot of them. Enjoy :)

Holla atcha handstand
Handstand swag

The Boys
Spencer & Lucky aka puppy swag

AGLI food
Food swag

Liqour store swag

Just the rounds
Blur, Rosie & Juan swag

Cut From the Team
Our band before AGLI swag

Hello Kitty at Hand
Hollywood swag

Fish Face Fish Eye
Fish swag

Rewt Beer
Beer swag

Sohpie Love
Baby swag

Cruising Down Bristol
Car swag

Piss swag

Teen mom swag

C.R.E.A.M. swag

AGLI cuppycake
Cupcake swag

Green swag

Ocean swag

Beach swag

DJ swag

Sophie never loses
QNL swag

They're not dolls they're Action Figures
Nerd swag