Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coachella Experience: Day 2

Don't Ask 

 I assume nobody actually takes the time to read this so I'm not even gonna attempt to write some witty 
bullshit. Check out our drunk photos from the Lacoste party.

Tarte Vintage Leopard Velvet Maxi Dress with Side Slit available at
Royal Rich's hotel

 Tarte Vintage Leopard Velvet Maxi Dress with Side Slit available at

Vintage Store in Palm Springs
Cute little store

Lacoste Live 2012 Coachella party
Lacoste pool party

Lacoste Live Coachella 2012
Patron popsicles!

Lacoste Live 2012 Coachella party wearing Tarte Vintage Scalloped Dot Briefs

Lacoste Live Coachella 2012 wearing Tarte Vintage Leopard Velvet Maxi Dress with Side Slit available at
Double durp

Lacoste Live Coachella 2012
Triple durp

Lacoste Live 2012 Coachella Party: Elijah Wood DJing
DJ Frodo fresh out the shire

Lacoste Live Coachella 2012:
Got busted trying to steal the alligator haha

Lacoste Live Coachella 2012: Asking Cops for stickers
Joellen asking the cops for stickers

Foam Magazine x Planet Blue Coachella party 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Coachella Experience: Day 1

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party

We arrived in Indio around 9:30 with no real plans & no place to sleep. Our first stop & what would eventually become our home for the night was the Spotlight 29 Casino parking lot. Only a stone's throw away from the first party of many, which would ultimately make up our days in the desert. We jumped into a taxi with a gay couple from Arizona & some older woman from the Valley who shared stories of all the stereotypes she endured as a teen & her small cameo appearance in The Fast Times of Ridgemont High. A half mile & a $12 fee later we had arrived at the entrance of the Filter Magazine party. We quickly took advantage of the open bar & in a matter of minutes I was already being asked to "calm down" by the local police. After a not-so-friendly exchange of words & my obnoxious cries of rape I was set free to enjoy the rest of my night. After all that we were lucky enough to catch the second half of Rye Rye's performance which I genuinely enjoyed. The rest of the night on the other hand had become somewhat of a blur with notable moments like meeting the mayor of Coachella & being molested by a couple of Australian lesbians. I awoke 6 hours later in the passenger seat of Joellen's car feeling like I was being dick slapped by the desert sun. I remember dreaming about water which is a definite & clear indication that I had consumed way too much alcohol the night before. I crawled into the driver seat & thanks to my navigation I drove to the nearest Carls Jr. Joellen's reaction & complete state of confusion to waking up in a random fast food parking lot was incredibly entertaining. We slowly began to piece together the previous night, looking for clues around the car like a bad scene cut straight out of the Hangover. After a quick meal & a cup of coffee we were off to the Saguaro Hotel for the Flaunt LA x Paris party. I had an amazing feeling of optimism come over me as we cruised down highway 111. The weather & scenery were absolutely perfect. With every window rolled down & Kavinsky coming through our car stereo we made the 25 mile trip towards Palm Springs. The party had a great vibe & with dj sets by A-trak & Busy P, it was a perfect way to start the day. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last. It rained for about 6 hours straight but nothing was gonna stop us from having a good time. We were off to our last stop at the Ace Hotel. We had a few drinks at the bar & after convincing the security that we were guest at the hotel, we ditched our clothes & jumped into their giant jacuzzi. Fast forward to a few hours later. The bar was now closed & with nowhere to go, we decided the best thing to do was to visit the local Wal-Mart SuperCenter. It kinda felt like we had somehow traveled to some other state where sayings like "Obama is the anti-christ" & "America, love it or leave it" are very common. I tweeted a photo of us roaming around the aisles dressed up in clearance Halloween costumes & my phone quickly began to ring. It was our good friend Royal Rich & from the tone in his voice I knew he was really concerned about us. Knowing we had no real plans or place to go he offered to shelter us for the night at his hotel. We pulled out the sofa bed, got some food & that's where we ended the first night.

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party
First drink of the trip

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party
Voted best couple by OC Weekly

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party
The "I just sharted" look

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party
The "fuck flowers make my cock super hard" look

My impression of this guy

Filter Magazine 2012 Yacht Club Party
Da girls

Beginning Boutique Suede Scallop Shorts, vintage Christian Dior lace one piece bodysuit, Coachella outfit 2012
My lil desert fox

Honk if you like cookies

Brought my own drank to this club

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Hoe crossing

LA x Paris Bromance Coachella pool party at The Saguaro
Saguaro pool

LA x Paris Bromance Coachella pool party at The Saguaro
Joellen chillin

Busy P LA x Paris Bromance Coachella pool party at The Saguaro
Busy P

A-Trak LA x Paris Bromance Coachella pool party at The Saguaro

Tarte Vintage American Flag bikini triangle swimsuit top, available at
God bless America

LA x Paris Bromance Coachella pool party at The Saguaro
"Me & my umbrella ella ella a"

Camel Mustache Ride