Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Blading Cup

On August 6th the first annual Blading Cup went down in downtown Santa Ana & it was simply amazing. The event was organized by Valo owner Jon Julio & was completely organized in less then 3 weeks. It seemed like everybody who had ever strapped on skates was there for this competition. With the worlds best rollerbladers all coming out & competing the stage was set for a great day of competition. The best part though was the interaction with normal day people who normally wouldn't see anything like this. It was great to see lil kids scream & clap when someone would land a trick & to see their parents just as excited really made it a special event. These are a few photos I took during the competition & I even posted two videos. One is a edit of the competition & the other is a video documenting the making of the trophy. Enjoy!

Jon Julio doing boss work

Eric Bailey has his own painting style

Eric working hard

Nick Wood commanding the troops

Setting up the spine

Nick & Richie Velasquez

Jeff Stockwell stenciling the ramps

Stockwell screwing on the coping

The finished product at around 1pm

Brian Aragon with a flatspin over the spine

Joellen & the baby

Cutest dog ever

A video of the mayhem that went down

The making of the AWESOME trophy!

Caméra film 35mm


A few of my favorite photos we recently had developed. We have two more rolls ready to be scanned & more that need to be developed! So we'll be posting way more in the next few days! <3





Monday, August 1, 2011

Flux Pavilion - How Rude (Asian Girls Luv It!) Remix

Moombahton is blowing up like crazy! Honestly we weren't huge fans at first but from the second we heard the first Moombahcore track we were hooked! We knew we had to try our hands at it & this is the result. We have been so happy with the response this track has got & are really looking forward to making more Moombahcore tracks!

Flux Pavilion- How Rude (Asian Girls Luv It!) Moombahton Remix! by AsianGirlsLuvIt