Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Club Matinee!


Two weeks ago was the return of Club Matinee at the Fox Theatre in Pomona. All I can say about that night is that it was fucking epic! You could really feel the energy of the crowd & you could tell they were super excited to have Matinee back. We had so much fun playing & I think it's safe to say that no one else has ever played that much continous dub before on that mainstage. I'm so proud of all the djs & the 1107 team for pulling through & making it such an amazing night!

Five minutes of opening the doors & it's already getting filled

Sleeping on stage lol

Go ahead & buy your self something nice


Me & Joellen

"THE SAiNTskies"

SAiNT & Royal Rich

"Papa Ceasar"

Colours & Mallory aka "Mally Mom"

Joaquin's Grrr face

Le Jon texting his bitches

"Hey Chris, How many fingers can you stick in Joellens vagina?"
"4 fingers MOTHAFUCKA & then I spread them like this!" haha <3

Just in case you missed it. Here's a lil portion of our set <3

-Chris G

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Carnival

This past Sunday we were lucky enough to visit Sanrio's "Small Gifts" Carnival/Festival! It took place at an empty airport hangar in the Santa Monica Airport. The place was packed with so much to do that we were completely overwhelmed when we first arrived. There was a ton of little booths with diffrent activities ranging from face painting to ring toss games. The highlight though was definitely the art portion of the event. They had so many great pieces created by some of today's most famous artists including Gary Baseman, Anna Chambers & Buff Monster. By the time we walked out the doors of the hangar we had no money & no energy to spare but it was all worth it. Enjoy the photos & videos :)

Hello Kitty
Map & tickets for all our carnival needs n_n

Watch out
Chris came to spend money

Chris working the "penny squasher"

The penny squashed!

Hello Kitty Yogurtland!

Sooooo yummy!

Joellen & Jessica eating yogurt

Sexy lexy

Random video

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty & friends

Joellen trying to eat the hamburger

Sanrio Art Gallery

Sanrio Art Gallery

Sanrio Art Gallery
Our favs!

Sanrio Art Gallery
Hello Kitty vs the last supper? BLASPHEMY!!! haha

Sanrio Art Gallery
Chris admiring the "jelly bean" painting

Sanrio Art Gallery

Steven looking at some shit

Sanrio Art Gallery
Buff Monsters booth!

Sanrio Art Gallery
Manila looking at shit

Hello Kitty
Joellen & Jessica wishing they were inside the gift shop

Hello Kitty
Big ass dome

Hello Kitty
Random cute girls

Joellen spinning the "WHEEL OF DEATH"

Random cute lil baby n_n

Sanrio Shoes Doc Martens
Hello Kitty Doc Martens!

Pool full of figurines

Steven & Jessica aka our "partners in crime"

Cutie alert!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just a quick lil update today. This is a video we shot at Club Matinee this past Friday. I still can't believe how amazing the night was. We'll be doing a full post about that night in a few days once we upload/receive all the photos from that night. Hope you guys enjoy the video & if you have some time to kill please check out our other videos here!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Easy Rider


This is my my baby, my obsession, my reason for waking up in the morning. I fucking love my Harley in a way you guys couldn't fathom. In a weird way it's more then just us a bike to me it's a reminder of all the hard work i've done this year. It's proof to everyone I know that this whole "djing" thing is more then just a hobby. It's a potential for sooo much more & I feel so blessed. Now im rabbling a lil but after we shot these my best friend Steven came over with some Coronas & Sailor Jerrys & lets just say we were very not sober by the time the sun went down haha. Enjoy the photos & remember kids, If you party hard, drink alot & get naked in front of thousand of people you too can own your own badass motorcycle haha ;)

A man in love

Foxy lady

Look! I can see myself

A well balanced breakfast haha

Real mexicans drink this shit

Pssss I just farted

Backyard stickam pari!

Late Night Food Fight


Don't feel like typing much, But here are some photos we took while eating dinner the other night. It was a last minute decision & I was dying. Felt like I was gonna cough out a baby lamb. Either way ima just keep typing so it looks like I wrote alot but in reality i'm not writing anything relevent about this post. To be honest idk why you're still reading you might as well just start looking at the photos & reading that captions. Either way I think this enough & I really need take a shit so yea we hope you guys like our photos & post :D

Fuck this shit was sooo good!

Joellens vegan hamburger (of course)

Hoe has a big ass mouth

We take photos of pepper & shit. Bitches love pepper

Mmmm looks yummy n_n

Toxic Avenger!!!


Was soo sick this night :/

Bitches love benches!