Tuesday, October 26, 2010

730 Days

It's a day to celebrate! Its been 2 years since Joellen & I first met which would ultimately lead to the birth of "AGLI". The day started with a failed attempt at making a cake which then made us quickly decide to go to the Loving Hut which Joellen has been trying to drag me to for the longest time. It was ok I guess, but I'm definitely still not a fan of vegan food. The service was great though so definitely made it a great experience. We then stopped by the pumpkin patch where we wasted no opportunity for a photo. It was actually a lotta fun, and they had the place packed with so much to do. I'm a little bummed that we were too big for the jumper though. The sun came down early & we ended our night playing "Dead Rising" & catching up on our "Gossip Girl". A perfect way to just relax & enjoy each other's company :D

Loving Hut

The usual
Our lunch! Vegan burgers

Eli Porter

50 Tyson

<3ing Hut
Joellen feeling right at home

I'm da best mayne
Pumpkin Pervert

Pumpkin Patch
Idk why but this pic reminds me of Halloween Town lol

Long lost brothers

Long lost sisters

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gotham City Fridays & San Diego!

This past weekend was pretty hectic. On Friday we performed at Gotham City but we quickly became just me since Joellen managed to destroy her ankle the weekend before at Ratatat. Even though Joellens foot was smashed & we were sober as fuck we managed to have alotta fun! Everyone at Gotham City was so nice to us & really made the night for us. To even better the night Joaquin & Tabitha were there! Might I add that Joaquin is a fucking beast when it comes to mixing & To say he killed it that night would be a understatement to the least. The next day we were off to SAN DIEGO! We had such a great time walking around the Gaslamp District & pretending to be tourist visiting from Norway. We ate some Pizza, drank some horchata & we even managed to have a lil photo shoot for Joellens fashion blog. The gig that night wasn't anything amazing but man were the people there soo fucking cool! It was nice to have people shouting our name after our set & complimenting us on a job well done. We wanna thank Jason, Rowdy A & the entire Gotham City crew for having us play! We also wanna thank Turbo Teen for having us come down & we can't wait to be down there for Scream soon :D

Chris with Rowdy A & Jason

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayo

We NEVER wear shoes while performing

Joellen forced to hangout on the sideline due to her foot injury

Joellens ghetto cast

Joaquin tearing it up

Joellen & Tabitha

Epic sweater

Center of the Gaslamp District in San Diego

Home of the Gaslamp Killer (Seriously)

This is where we had lunch

Sooo yummy!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Blog!

This is more of a personal blog for us. We'll be using it to document all the crazy randomness that fills our lives. So please follow & don't forget to check out our other social network accounts!





and Joellens personal fashion blog <3