Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella Camping 2011!


Camping offsite at Coachella was fucking amazing & completely fucking horrible all at once. I'll start from the beginning. We left for Coachella at around 11pm & after a few hours on the road our gps aka Tom Tom let us know that we had arrived at our "desired location". It was 3am when we turned into a long dirt driveway & after a few seconds of complete darkness we pull up to what can only be described as a scene from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". With nothing else visible but a terrifying looking house with old cars & junk scattered everywhere, we were convinced that we were about to be raped. We sat in the car for about 10 minutes contemplating on what to do or if we were even at the right location. We decided to venture further into the property (very slowly) & noticed a campfire off in the distance. We let out a big sigh of relief as we knew we had arrived. Driving into the campsite though was another battle in itself. Pulling into the camp area we suddenly realized that we were driving on about a foot of sand & mind you that our Honda Civic is definitely not off-road friendly. We quickly parked at the closest empty spot we could find to avoid being stuck in the sand & there our car stayed for the next 4 days. After exiting the car we realized it was freezing outside & we needed to set the tent up as quickly as possible. Pulling out all the pieces I was shocked on how massive the task at hand would be. Neither Joellen nor I have ever built a tent so the idea of us building a MASSIVE 10 person tent was not looking so great. We quickly read the instructions & begin to build in the pitch dark. With portions of the tent collapsing left & right during its construction I was stuck holding multiple pieces all at once. Suddenly I heard a snap of twigs behind me and turned my head to see a massive cow complete with horns standing inches from my back & with my hands unavailable to defend myself I calmly yelled at Joellen for some assistance. I was sure the cow somehow knew I had eatin one of her friends only hours ago & was here for revenge. I kept yelling "eww she smells like milk" over & over and after a few minutes she finally began to walk away & dissapeared into the darkness. The cold wind reminded me that we still had a half built tent & that we needed to complete the task at hand. I had to put my near death experience behind me & an hour later there we stood in front of our new home with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. We quickly grabbed our sleeping bags & the second my head hit that pillow I fell into a deep sleep. 4 hours later that deep sleep was completely destroyed as it felt like I was being cooked alive. The sun was unbearable from 8am-12pm everyday. Trying to sleep in was impossible no matter what time you slept. That plus our not so tiny friends that greeted us every morning made our mornings frustrating. These friends were actually flies & not ordinary flies but big ass flies that feast on bessy poop all day. Also our ice melted the first day so half of our food was completely unusable so we survived on mostly can goods & powerade. The "shuttle" happened to be an Aerostar driven by a guy named Roberto who may or not have been drunk when he drove us back n forth & since we weren't in an official shuttle that meant we had to be dropped off a mile from the main entrance of Coachella. This walk was horrible especially with the hot desert sun pummeling down on you with every footstep. Now even though all these things seem bad it was ALL completely worth it! Being in the middle of nowhere has its perks. Like being able to do ANYTHING you'd like & it's a kinda freedom few people have ever truly experienced. Our neighbors were fucking AMAZING & truly nice people. Every morning we would converse about music & our lives outside of Coachella all while drinking beer in an attempt to keep cool. At night we would surround a big bonfire & talk about the amazing days we all had at the Festival while trying to keep warm. For me personally this was definitely the highlight of my Coachella experience. Making new friends from all around the country & a few from out. It was just great vibes & in a beautiful surreal atmosphere.

This is what everyones tent looked like...

This was our tent haha

Definitely didn't need all the space :p

Cooking Mac n Cheese & chicken noodle soup

Breakfast, spatula in hand for proof

Some of our neighbors

RV nipple action

Jeremy, Armani & Tony


Julia & Dylan


Beer & Otterpops

Otterpop rainbow

Soooo good haha

Magic mushrooms

Breakfast again

Too hot outside so we ate indoors

Sooo good!

Me & Bessie

Bessie being boss like

Dirty feet

Joellens mini bar

My mini bar

What's new
Piss Drunx

How everyone else kept their ice from melting

Bessie & Armani

Being lame

My awesome photog skills

Fucking rave couch

She got what's comin

-Chris G

Heavy x Bare x Mark Instinct


I can try & tell you how fucking crazy Heavy was but it wouldn't do it justice. With two of the sickest dubstep producers Bare & Mark Instinct & a huge crowd what else could anyone expect. You had massive mosh pits, massive speakers & massive fucking bass. It was just such a great night that I kept talking about for about a week after. We've played a lot at the Galaxy & this was hands down the best event I've ever seen there. If you wanna be part of the madness, the next event is May 5th so make sure to come out!

Mark Instinct

Joellen straight loungin

Efrem showing his mic skills


Vinyl as red as the devils dick


King Kong

Bare had the best mosh pits going


The fuck plur shit is awesome

Enjoying drinks backstage



Monday, April 4, 2011

B&W Lomography

I'll look back at these photos when i'm old & remember how beautiful my life was while we grew together. 4x6 memories that we'll pass down to our children.

A shot from Hoag hospital in Newport Beach

Free Pancakes
IHOP pancakes

Drip drip

Coke whore


Jack off in the box
Jack In The Box

His Territory
Public Urination

I'm A Free Bitch
Free bitch

-Chris G