Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Club Matinee!


Two weeks ago was the return of Club Matinee at the Fox Theatre in Pomona. All I can say about that night is that it was fucking epic! You could really feel the energy of the crowd & you could tell they were super excited to have Matinee back. We had so much fun playing & I think it's safe to say that no one else has ever played that much continous dub before on that mainstage. I'm so proud of all the djs & the 1107 team for pulling through & making it such an amazing night!

Five minutes of opening the doors & it's already getting filled

Sleeping on stage lol

Go ahead & buy your self something nice


Me & Joellen

"THE SAiNTskies"

SAiNT & Royal Rich

"Papa Ceasar"

Colours & Mallory aka "Mally Mom"

Joaquin's Grrr face

Le Jon texting his bitches

"Hey Chris, How many fingers can you stick in Joellens vagina?"
"4 fingers MOTHAFUCKA & then I spread them like this!" haha <3

Just in case you missed it. Here's a lil portion of our set <3

-Chris G

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  1. The thing about my vag is so not true