Saturday, November 13, 2010

Easy Rider


This is my my baby, my obsession, my reason for waking up in the morning. I fucking love my Harley in a way you guys couldn't fathom. In a weird way it's more then just us a bike to me it's a reminder of all the hard work i've done this year. It's proof to everyone I know that this whole "djing" thing is more then just a hobby. It's a potential for sooo much more & I feel so blessed. Now im rabbling a lil but after we shot these my best friend Steven came over with some Coronas & Sailor Jerrys & lets just say we were very not sober by the time the sun went down haha. Enjoy the photos & remember kids, If you party hard, drink alot & get naked in front of thousand of people you too can own your own badass motorcycle haha ;)

A man in love

Foxy lady

Look! I can see myself

A well balanced breakfast haha

Real mexicans drink this shit

Pssss I just farted

Backyard stickam pari!

1 comment:

  1. Love the moto! Scary as hell tho!