Monday, December 13, 2010

Joellen's Birthday x Too Short!

So this past weekend was INTENSE to say the least! It was Joellens birthday weekend so a lot of partying was done & forgotten haha. The festivities started on Thursday where we met up the 1107 family & we saw "TOO SHORT" play for free thanks to our good friend Jason. It was a wild night full of drinks & debauchery as you will see in the photos haha. The next day we decided to have a nice calm late night dinner & recover from the night before. It was really fun & I'm so glad we had the time to just chill & be boring. We did some other stuff the next day but we didn't shoot any photos..and you know what they say..."Tits or GTFO"

Took this photo right before we gotta go backstage with Too Short!

The 1107 gang

It's like they're twins

the gang again

lemon face

joellen & her "Adios"

Jason, Papa Cesar & Mally Mom

What's going on with Joellen?? lol


Joellen being SxE


Mally getting freaky

Me getting my "Adios". Thanx Jason :D


Papa n mama having a cute moment

then me ruining the moment haha...

Christopher & Jason being inappropriate
Haha Jason trying out some of mally's moves! Me suggesting the shocker ;)

LOOK AT MY FACE! I look so angry that I didn't see the shocker lol

Rowdy A



Joellen & Saint at some taco place after the show...

Pickin my nose


Joellen stole my tail

Birthday cake for my chu!

Me singing happy birthday to Joellen

Some of our food n_n

More Food

Even more food

Fried Cheese :)

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