Sunday, December 5, 2010

Black Friday!

This post is a little late but you know what they say "it's better late than never". Unless you're talking about periods then never is ALWAYS better. Two weeks ago we played at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. It felt good to be back home/play in Orange County & even better I finally got to ride my motorcycle to a gig! Unfortunately it was Joellens dad's birthday that night so she couldn't make it in time for our set so I had to do a solo set. Even under those circumstances I had so much fun & the crowd was nothing short of amazing. I don't feel like typing anymore so enjoy the photos!

Working off that Thanksgiving food...

Me & Joellen in the green room


Lalo aka "United We Dance"

Monsters are my new addiction...

The crowd


Tabitha & Mally Mom


We A.R.E.


My fox tail. It's actually really burnt on the bottom due to my exhaust :/

Bitches love Royal Rich. No seriously look at this shit right here lol!

Le Jon, SAiNT, Julie & Reybot's pants lol

Sometimes I just wanna fucking scream at people

-Chris G

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  1. Omg lol at Royal Rich's twitpic!