Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do the D-A-N-C-E

Can I just start by saying that DANCE has the hardest drinks out of any club i've ever been too. OMG we me & Joellen were so wasted after a few drinks haha. It was two weeks ago when we drove out to Hollywood for DANCE. It's been a very long time since we've been at the Arena & we definitely missed the place. The night started off great as our nightlife mom Shalyce introduced us to James Amato the owner of Potty Mouth & the fidget king TJR also of (Potty Mouth)! The night got even better when the drinks started floating into our hands (Thanks Shalyce). We ended up getting so wasted that Joaquin was nice enough to let us crash at his house. By the time we got to his place & were ready for bed we were so drunk that we didn't realize they had left us a comforter on the floor. So the night consisted of me & Joellen freezing our asses off holding each other as tight as possible for survival haha. Lesson learned never order a "LA Water" at the Arena haha. We wanna thank Joaquin & Tabitha for being sooo awesome & for letting us stay over. We also wanna thank Shalyce for the free drinks & we're real excited for what she has in store for all the kids in 2011!!! :D

PS. I take some amazing photos when i'm drunk

Joellen trying to be cool

Tabitha & Joe


Royal Rich

Paparazzi (Look at my awesome drunk photography skills)

Drunk skills...

Drunk skills....

Showing this to his mom! Ooooh you're gonna be in trouble!

Le Jon, Colours & Glamer One

Huggin & thuggin

James, me & TJR (I look goofy)

Joellen made me hide her shoes on stage haha

I do weird things when i'm drunk...

Joellens beautiful tights

Joaquin & Tabithas dog "Foxy"

-Chris G

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