Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Eve!

Omg New Years was INSANE! We hit up some "Loft Party" in the middle of the ghetto in downtown LA with our friends Steven & Duy. Words won't do justice to the amount debauchery that went down that night haha. Joellen & I rarely get to enjoy being drunk together since one of us is always driving to wherever we go. So when we do it's kinda like Hurricane Katrina. The perfect circumstances with the end result being straight fucking destruction. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who knows us & was there that night. I guarantee they have some story about some ridiculous shit we did & how we somehow didn't get caught or end up in handcuffs. It was the best way to countdown into the new year. The night got even better with surprise guest DJ's like Thee Mike B & Diplo. Unfortunately the LAPD had other plans & shut down the event sometime around 4am right before Diplo was up. We saw a lot of old friends, Got super wasted & did some straight up hooligan shit. Wanna thank Glamer1 & Cameron for all the awesome photos :D
"What happened to the door" "Idk man, it fucking came at me bro" HAHAH!

This is how cholos cuddle lol


Look at her ashy ass knees lol

Tabitha looking beautiful as always

Joaquin & Froskees


Joellen & my tongue lol


Duy & the holy flask

Threw up about 30 seconds later (lightweight)


Duh Duh Duh!




Duy & Stevo

Me & Duy

Thee Mike B

Ruining great photo ops every chance I get

-Chris G

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  1. I call shenanigans!